3D Star Theater®

3D planetarium projector

Enjoy an amazing 3D planetarium experience in the comfort of your room!  Just put on your 3D glasses, sit back and relax as 3D Star Theater takes you on a journey of stars, constellations, planets and more on your ceiling or walls!

Transform your room into a 3D planetarium!


  • Projects stars, planets and constellations:  All in 3D!
  • Includes 3D glasses
  • Focus dial

Additional Information

  • Requires 4 AA  batteries. (Not included)
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Adult assistance recommended
  • WARNING: Do not look directly into the light source.  
  • 3D glasses are only for viewing 3D images. Do not wear for long periods of time or while performing physical activities. Not to be used as sunglasses.