Ants FAQ

We are going on vacation and I am afraid my ants will arrive while we are gone. What can be done?

Please call us at least 2-3 weeks in advance and let us know when you will be out of town. We will be glad to coordinate the delivery of your ants.

I lost my instruction booklet. How can I get another one?

Instruction booklets are available for download here. You can also contact us to have a replacement instruction manual mailed to you.

How long can I leave my ants in the mailing tube once I receive them?

Have your Ant Farm habitat ready for the ants, and place them inside as soon as possible.

Can the ants travel by mail in their small tubes without dying?

Yes, our ants are sent in special ventilated containers for safe travel.

Can I use my own ants?

Yes. If you use your own ants, just be sure they all come from the same place. Ants need to be at least 1/4 inch in size or they could escape from the habitat.

Do you send queen ants?

Federal agricultural regulations prohibit us from selling or shipping the queen ant. Since only the queen reproduces, the regional ecological balance is cited as the main concern. The ant farms were also not designed to house the large queen and the thousands of offspring she produces. The ants will work without the queen.

Will my ants reproduce in my habitat ?

No, your ants will not reproduce inside your Ant Farm.

How long will my ants live in the habitat?

With proper care they should live one to three months.

Do the ants get enough air in the habitat?

Yes. The Ant Farm habitat is scientifically constructed to provide sufficient air through tiny openings.

What do I feed my ants, and how often?

Know that if you have a Gel Colony, you will not have to feed or water your ants. The Gel provides the ants all the sustenance they need to survive. However, if you have a Sand farm, give your ants two to three water droplets of bottled spring water every other day. Once a week, drop in just one tiny crumb of bread. (Refer to your instruction booklet for other yummy treats to feed your ants.

I would like to set up my Sand-based Ant Farm habitat for the second time?

Yes, you can use the sand twice before you need to replace it. Pour it out and sift it clean of dead ants and food particles.

Can I move my Ant Farm habitat?

Once your Ant Farm habitat is set up it should be moved as little as possible. (Remember, ants don't like earthquakes!